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Let your shoes be your guide... Lead with your shoes

If you were a shoe... what kind of shoe would you be? Would you be a stiletto, platform, flat, kitten heel, loafer, or wedge? I know that this may sound like a crazy question, but our shoes say a lot about our personality. We tend to think of our shoes as the last piece of the getting dressed puzzle, but oh contrairemon ami. I think that we need to switch this theory around and develop our outfit around a fabulous pair of shoes. We tend to go shoe shopping looking for the "piece du resistance" to go with a dress, suit or great pair of jeans, but this causes us to miss out on some really great shoe experiences. Those of us who are not shoe crazy (you know that I am not in this category), lose out on really stepping up our style game when we only shop to complete a look vs. creating a look. I mean, how many times have you gone out shoe shopping and came across a fantastic pair of shoes and left them where they were because they did not go with anything in your wardrobe. I am not telling you to go out and purchase a ton of shoes that complement nothing in your closet. I am merely saying that in order to really step up your style game and jump outside of the box, you should sometimes let your shoe be your guide and lead with your shoes. Pick up that bejeweled flat or the funky animal print stiletto and then create an ensemble around this exquisite pair of shoes. Try it and I promise you will reap the rewards of compliments as your strut your stuff around the town. Style tip#1-Take a picture of the shoes and have it with you whether it is on your phone or an actual tangible snap shot. This way if you do not have the shoes with you, you can do a better job creating the look that you seek instead of having to work off of memory. Also, ask a sales associate if you are really having a hard time putting pieces together, after all that is what they are there for. If you have never done this before, I challenge you and I would love to hear your stories, so please e-mail me and tell your tale! Give it a try, I promise that I will not steer you wrong down this highway of stylish and chic fashion opportunities!


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