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Why Not Mix Business With Pleasure!

Ron and I just returned from our trip to London, England which was nothing short of phenomenal! Every January, Ron has a conference in London and we made the decision last year that I would join him on this go round. I absolutely love for us to travel together as we have so much fun laughing and just cutting up. This is normally a trip that Ron does not get too excited about as he tends to make it just about work. With me joining him, we were able to take in some of the great sites, experience the culture, and partake of great food. Although we do not get to travel together as much as we want to, we like to capitalize on those opportunities when we can.

I have to admit that I am jealous of all of the travel that Ron gets to do. I am not saying that I am ready to live out of a suitcase, but I think that it is so adventurous going to the different countries and cities that he gets to visit. Since one of us has to hold down the fort with our children, I understand I will have to live vicariously through him until I am able to accompany him on one of his trips or when we go on one of our couple or family adventures.

If you are not currently doing this and have the opportunity to travel with your spouse on business, please make an effort to do so. Now, let me present the disclaimer that business trip travels with your spouse are not a substitute for a true vacation as they will be busy. You have to be in the right frame of mind as far as understanding that you will have to take in some of the sites on your own because they may be exhausted after their day has come to an end. The bright site is that you get to go to bed and wake up next to your husband or wife and they have your company and support where it would normally be just them by themselves. There are great cost savings that you can enjoy as far as the hotel, airfare and food expenses since you will only have to bear the costs of one. You also get to experience some of your spouse's professional world and this will allow you to connect and will create some great conversations for the two of you. You will be able to see and hear things first hand versus when they return from their travels. On the days that Ron was in the conference, one of the other spouses and I took the Tube and traveled the city like tourists should. We had an absolute blast! When Ron and I met up at the end of the day, we would discuss what he learned at his conference and likewise I would share what I saw and enjoyed from my ventures.

This is one of many business trips that I have taken with Ron and I feel that it really strengthens our bond as is the case with many great experiences with your spouse. A great thing is that the fun does not have to stop when you land back home because you can bring that country or city back with you. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about the passport experience. Please visit our blog titled The Passport Experience and learn how you can recreate the travel experience in your home. And when you get a chance, make an effort to enjoy a real passport experience.


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