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My New Neutrals

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I just adore makeup and I feel that a girl can never have enough. When it comes to the shades and colors that I love, they run the whole spectrum. From the deepest plums to the sweet subtle golds, I appreciate them all. Lately, I have really taken to the neutral tones. Maybe it is the snow or the winter white clothes and accessories that I see, or the chestnut browns and pewters that have a hold on me. Whatever it is, the neutrals are everything to me right now.

For my birthday last month, I chose to treat myself to some new makeup for my collection. I had been eyeing a few different eyeshadows and glosses and figured what better time to bring some of them home. I love palettes because it gives you more for your money. You are able to get more product for less than what you would spend if you had purchased the colors individually. MAC has two different neutral palettes that I am crazy about, one is the cool neutrals and the other is the warm neutrals. I bought the cool neutral palette and it did not disappoint. This palette will work for or the modern girls collection or if you are just starting out and experimenting with makeup, the shades and soft and buildable. I also purchased two pots of eyeshadow in Sable and Handwritten as I have been wanting some more earthy shades. I really wanted Brown Down, but they were out of that color at the location that I went to. My makeup pursuits did not end there in MAC as I also left with a tube of Lustreglass in Beaux, a very warm and pretty shade with some sparkle.

The last and probably most important item from this makeup haul is my new under eye concealer. I have read a lot of posts on Instagram about the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and I have to admit that it is the truth! The consistency is so silky and smooth and just glides onto the skin. I have darkness under my eyes that I do not like to reveal to the world, so I choose to conceal mine. I am always on the hunt for the best concealer. I have others that do the job well, but I am in search of one that has great staying power. This skin enhancer is does exactly what is says, it enhances the appearance of where you place it. I am sure that you can use it on other areas on your face where you want to conceal blemishes or discolorations. I bought it in the shade SX14 which I am happy works for me since I had to purchase it online. They do not sell this product in the Sephora store, so you will have to buy it online unless you have a Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom where you are. It is on the pricey side, but I am very happy that I took the plunge and tried it. I will make sure to post a picture with me wearing all of the items that I have spoken about in this post. If you have or have tried any of the makeup that I have highlighted here, please inbox me and let me know your experiences, I would love to hear!

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