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Everybody can be stylish, but every style is not for every BODY

Slender, curvy, full figured, boyish... God created each of our bodies differently, but one is no shape more or less special than the other. We have to start loving the skin and the body that we are in and learn how to clothe it in fashion that accentuates our best assets. Now, please do not take this to mean that if you are bootylicious, that you need to wear short and skimpy clothing that draws every man on this side of the Mississippi river to swing his head in your direction. You must remember that always being classy is key! I know that we watch television and read magazines that depict models and celebrities adorned in the most beautiful fashions and accessories, but EVERY STYLE IS NOT FOR EVERY BODY. I have had to come to the realization that what looks great on a size 2 will not do my body type any justice. This does not mean that I can not be fashionable, it just means that I have to wear a variation of the look that is more suitable for my frame. For example, I have no business wearing a mini A-Line dress that I saw Kerry Washington sporting in InStyle magazine-it just won't work. I am 5'8" and she is 5'2", she is like a size 0 and well, let's just say we would need to add a 1 to mine. I say all this to make the point that we have so many options out there that will allow us to capture the look that we want, but execute it in a way that makes us stand out for all of the right reasons. If you are clueless, ask a friend who you feel has great fashion sense. A true friend will not allow you to walk out the door looking a hot mess and if they do, you may need to make some changes outside of just your wardrobe! Do you, but do you with style!

Model in White Sweater

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