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To skinny or not to skinny? That is the question.

Jeans. Oh, how we love them. They are the comfort food of clothing. Jeans are essentially the backbone to making your wardrobe fully functional. Jeans go with everything in your wardrobe from tees, fashion tops, blouses, dress shirts to sweaters! Everyone has their favorite "go to" pair of jeans that they just can't do without. Whether you go with a boot cut, cigarette, flare, boyfriend, high waisted or skinny, you have that pair that when all else fails-they work! I myself am a huge fan of the skinny jean, I like for my jeans to have an element of stretch in them in order for them to fit the way that I like. As I walk the city streets I continue to see too many people wearing jeans that are not figure flattering. We should not choose a jean that creates muffin top or gives us plumbers crack- it just does not look tasteful. We want to go with a cut of jean that accentuates our best assets and this can be achieved with more than one cut. I personally love a great boot cut or wide leg jean in addition to the skinny jean. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right jean for you. For example; someone with wide hips would not wear the same shape and cut as someone with a boyish figure because they are built differently. The boot cut works really well on someone with wide hips and a cigarette trouser jean looks great on someone with short legs. Finding the right jeans for you will call for a lot of time in the fitting room as you try on as many pairs as it takes to get the right selections for you. Do not forget the comfort factor is key when it comes to picking the right jeans. No one wants to wear a pair of jeans that causes them to constantly have to pull and shift.

When building your denim wardrobe, you can never go wrong with a black or dark blue pair. The more neutral they are as far as the details and embelishments, the better. This will allow them to be easily coordinated with your current pieces. Jeans are so great because just like the crisp white shirt, they can be dressed up or dressed down. The dark jean is a must have because they are so versatile and make it very easy to transition a look from day to night with the help of a great top and accessories. The wonderful thing is that they make this jean in all of the cuts and styles which means that everyone can capitalize on this. If you do not already own a jean in this wash, this should be your next purchase. You may have to splurge a little when it comes to getting the right jean for you, but I guarantee that it will be worth it when the compliments come rolling in. So, find out what your body type is and hit the stores.


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