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Raincoats For Your Purse!

A raincoat for your purse? Yes, you read me correctly! Technically, it is called a rain cover, but I prefer to call it my little purse raincoat, so much cuter if you ask me. I was scrolling through the stories on the Today Show website as I always do, I love to see Bobbie Thomas' favorite items. When there it was, the Gussy rain cover for your purse. They have a variety of styles that are all extremely fashionable where you do not have to sacrifice style for the sake of protection. They are so flirty and girly, yet sophisticated at the same time. Very clean lines, some are very subtle and others a little louder and bold with their style construction. I could not let this item get away from me, especially since my husband had just purchased a new purse for me as a birthday gift. It was not as much about me as it was about protecting her (my purse of course) from the elements!

It was such a tough decision choosing which style to go with, but I opted for the navy blue and white chevron patterned rain cover called the "Jenny". Did I not mention that they all have these classy and playful names. There are four different styles to choose from and they are available in different color options. You have Caroline, Charlotte, Meredith and Jenny that all truly match the names that they were given. Why did I now know about this a long time ago? There is nothing worse then trying to hold your umbrella on such an angle where you can shield and your purse and yourself from the rain and don't let there be any wind that sends the rain absolutely everywhere! The idea that there is a product that will protect my purse and its contents from the rain is just brilliant!

The cover was very easy to figure out and place onto my purse. It still allowed for my bag to look chic and I can't wait to try it out! If you want to join me in trying out this very cool concept, you can visit They are quite affordable and range from $35-45 which is a steal when you think about what you spent on that bag that you are wanting to protect. I think that we are forecasted to have some rain later on this week, so I will definitely blog about my experience and if it holds up to what it claims. I will do as the website says "Embrace the rain!".



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