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Wipes Win For Me Hands Down


There are so many products out there for makeup removal that is makes it quite difficult to decide what to go with. Do you go with a cold cream or a wipe? Will it be the self titled product an actual makeup remover or one of the cleansing micellar waters that are making quite the splash these days. Decisions, decision, decisions... After you finally decide on the method of removal, you are then faced with the question of what brand do you choose. I personally love using makeup remover wipes. I used to use baby wipes as I found them to be gentle and at the time did the trick for me. When I started to venture out and wear more eye makeup, I did not find that they worked as well. With television and beauty magazines constantly bombarding our eyes with beauty products, you cannot help wanting to try different products to see what works best. I decided to try three different types of makeup removing products to see if the up and up makeup wipes from Target that I use, are indeed the best for me. All of the products that I tried can be found in most drugstores and discount retailers. My findings were both interesting and confirming.

My mom has always been a huge fan of Pond's beauty products. I took this opportunity to finally try the Pond's Cold Cream that I have been eying on the store shelves for years. This product retails for $6.99 to around $9.00 depending on the size that you buy. It has a great scent, not loud, just pleasant. I placed it all over my face and left it on for about five minutes. I could tell as it set that the makeup was literally melting off of my face. I then took a wet face towel and wiped it off. It did a great job taking off my eye makeup and wiped off easily. After that I continued on with my regular facial cleansing routine. The part for me with this that I am not a fan of is having to use a face towel to remove the cold cream. It is just not practical for me and I would rather not destroy my towels and discolor them with make up. I know that I could probably purchase disposable cleansing cloths, but I would rather not make that investment. Overall opinion, it works, but takes too much work for me.

The next product that I auditioned for the starring role of makeup remover was the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. This product was awesome and retails for $6.99. It took three cotton rounds to get all of my makeup off with the micellar water and my face felt good. Even though I continued with my usual facial routine afterwards, my face felt cleaner after this product than it did with the cold cream. I could definitely see myself using this product before the cold cream and though it worked well, it would not be the first things that I would reach for.

The last product that I tried was the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing All-In-One Cleansing Wipes. Right off the bat, this product was more my speed! This product goes for around $5.99, but can be found in some stores for less. They were thinner than I would have liked them to have been, but they did have a very soothing and relaxing fragrance to them. They did a very good job taking off my makeup and I achieved that with only one wipe. This of course was the method that mirrored what I use on a regular basis as far as wipes, but I did not find that it made my face feel more relaxed than with my regular wipes. I would definately recommend this product for teens and those in their twenties.

After trying these three distinctively different products, I am still going to stick with my up & up wipes as my go to for makeup removal. I will continue to use the products that I tried from time to time as I do not believe in waste, I think that I will give the Clean & Clear wipes to my teenaged daughter. If you have been wanting to try any of these products, I hope that this helps. If you have some suggestions of products that you have found to really work for you, let me know and comment below. There is something for everyone, I just prefer the routes that involve less steps.



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