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Brow Drama


The struggle is so real when it comes to my brows. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who were born with full and thick beautiful eyebrows. I always say that since I am a twin, my brother stole all of the nutrients and hence took my brows with them. I went for years without drawing them in, I thought that since I was not really born with much, I was fine without them. My mother begged me for years to pencil them in and I stood strong with my answer of "No!". How wrong I was. The eyebrows frame the face and give it definition. Without them expressions don't carry as much weight. For makeup wearers the brows set the tone for your eye makeup and entire look. Whether you just need to shape them, shade them in or actually draw them in like myself, they are a must . What was I thinking before, thank God we get wiser as we get older!

Once I finally decided that I would start to draw in my brows, the question that arose was what product to use. The beauty product world is saturated with an array of products targeted for this specific purpose. I tried using drugstore eyebrow pencils but found them to be really hard to use. They did not glide on and actually would pull out a few of the brows that I actually had because I had to use such pressure to apply. Eyebrow pencils have come a long way over the years, but they are still not my personal favorite. Smashbox Cosmetics has a wonderful brow tech trio that was the first kit that I ever used and it worked like a dream. It came with the application brush, two powder pigments and the wax to keep everything in place. It costs $26.00 and can be found at most beauty retailers like SEPHORA and ULTA. I would still definitely recommend this product as it gives a very natural looking brow. The SEPHORA brand has a complete eyebrow kit that comes with pigment, wax, tweezer and brushes. This product retails at Sephora for $19.00 which is great deal for all that you get with this item. These are just two of the products that I have tried over the years, there have been many others. Through my trials I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to use a product with a wax or that comes in a gel like consistency. I find that they adhere better and have more staying power. There is one brand however that I find reigns supreme and really gets the job done

Anastasia Soare is the eyebrow specialist to the stars for the likes of Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and the list goes on. She has perfected the shaping of eyebrows and has developed a line with a variety of wonderful products to help you achieve the perfect brows. My new favorite is the Dip Brow Pomade. This pomade is targeted for people with oily skin like myself or those who live in humid climates, I think that Memphis, TN qualifies there. It is waterproof and resists smudging which is a huge plus. I also have the Duo Brush #12 which is to apply the Dip Brow Pomade and the Brow Primer that comes in a pencil like form for easy application. I find that the Anastasia products have really delivered on what they they are going to do. For someone like myself who needs to actually create the brows, I need something that is easy to use, but is not going to disappear by the middle of the day and these products tackle both of those concerns. I will admit that this is the pricer route to go, but I am a believer that you spend your money where you want to, this to me is a worthwhile investment. The pomade retails for $18.00, the brush is $18.00 and the primer is $21.00. You can probably get away with using a great quality angled eyebrow brush and achieve good results if you already own one or want to go with one that is less expensive. The pomade and primer go a long way, I have had mine for months and are not close to being finished. So, if you are like me and hesitated to do something about your brows, hesitate no more, there is help out there! You can try one of the products that I mentioned here or one of the many others out there on the market. SEPHORA is a great place to go, the employees are very knowledgeable and can help to steer you in the right direction as far as what products work best to address your eyebrow concerns. Do let me know if there is a product out there that has really worked for you, I would love to hear your stories.



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