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Metallic Embellishments & Accessories


I am so excited for the summer! Not so much for the heat, but for the fashion! If you have been paying any attention to what has been on the runways for the summer of 2015, then you know that metallics are everywhere. Whether it is a gold skirt or jacket, the metallics are far from being hidden under the surface, they are definitely up and out front. Gone are the days when metallics are just reserved for the holiday season. This fashion look has proven to stand the test of being an all year round fashion statement. If you are one who prefers a more muted look and the idea of wearing a full on metallic article of clothing freaks you out, you can still be a part of this fashion trend with your shoes and accessories. This is a great way to take a very plain look and make it glamorous!

I have some pieces in my closet that I can't wait to put on this summer from skirts to jumpsuits that fully embrace this trend, but they are more for when I am going out at night. Trying to find a way to incorporate this look in a more everyday street style is where shoes and accessories play a big role. When you bring metallics into your wardrobe with your shoes and accessories, you can still be you and not feel as though you are straying too far away from your personal style. That is always the key, to be you, but to make your look current by capitalizing on the new trends.

I have three pieces that I am super excited to wear in the warmer months that allow me to achieve this metallic look, but in a very wearable everyday way. When I was perusing the ZARA website, I came across these heeled shoes that I just had to have. They are a very soft pink, so soft that you can mistake them for white. The thing that made this pair of shoes a must have for me, was the strap over the toes that were a bronzy gold looking color. That little embellishment along with the gold buckle detail sealed the deal for me and I had to have them. I can wear them in a very girly sort of way with a dress or throw them on with my boyfriend jeans, they are that versatile.

My second piece commands a moment of silence, it is that phenomenal. ASOS has this gold belt that is just everything. It is this thick gold band that connects in the back with a gold link chain that will allow you to secure it as tightly as you desire. The ways that this belt can be worn are endless and it makes such a bold statement. You can wear it to cinch in a blazer or a maxi dress or a cute shorts romper. No matter how you choose to rock it, you will be the envy of many!

My final item was actually a gift that my fashionista cousin blessed me with for my birthday and I am so glad that she did, they are totally gorge! What I love the most about them is not just the gold embellishment that sits on top of the foot, but that fact that the gold is textured adds so much character to the sandle. Black and gold work so well together and this shoe demonstrates that and I can't wait to wear them in and about the city as well as on vacation.

These are just a few of the items that have me excited about the looks that I will be putting together in the summer months to come. If you have any metallic pieces that you rocking or getting ready to rock, please share as I would just love to see what looks you are feeling for this wonderful season!



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