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Drug Store Finds


Most of the time when I write about my new finds or favorite makeup and beauty items, they tend to come from Sephora, ULTA, MAC or a department store. Today, I want to make sure that I make it clear that I have found some great quality makeup at the drug store. I know, I know duh!! With brands like Cover Girl, Revlon, Maybelline and so many others, of course there are great items that can transform us into glamour girls at drug stores. The reason that I personally do not tend to purchase my key makeup items like foundation and concealer from drug stores is due to color match and formulation. It has just been my personal experience that I have yet to find any of those items in a formula that gives me the coverage that I like and that matches flawlessly with my complexion. However, when it comes to mascara, eyeliners, bronzers/highlighters and lipsticks the options are definitely there.

After seeing the L'OREAL Silkissime and blackbuster eyeliners in magazines and on YouTube, I decided to give them a try. If I am being totally honest, only one to me fully lived up to all of the hype. The Silkissime liner goes on smooth like butter. It is a rich and super pigmented liner and the black is the blackest black! It looks great on the eyelid and is easy to apply to your waterline with great precision. The blackbuster has a pretty cool marker like tip applicator which really excited me at first, but that is where the excitement ended. I felt that it fell short was when applying it after putting on my eyeshadows. I noticed that it did not go on as black and rich as I wanted it to. The softer the color palette that I wore on my eyes the better and more pronounced the liner was. This was very disappointing. If you are one who goes very light with your eyeshadows in both color and application, this may be a good product for you, but if you are like me and want that dark and sleek line, I would go with the Silkissime.

I am all about my Anastasia eyebrow pomade when it comes to sketching in my brows, but Maybelline has some brow products that are pretty good and quite affordable. The brow drama tinted gel mousse is great for those who need to just fill in to give a fuller looking eyebrow. For those of us who have to do more drawing then shading in, the brow precise shaping sharpenable pencil is solid. The brown is rich and glides on without feeling like you are pulling out the few hairs that you actually do have. I am one who usually stays away from pencils and such for my brows because they are normally hard to use and require you to press hard which is terrible for the skin. These two products are definitely winners in my book!

Cover Girl really knew what they were doing when they collaborated with Queen Latifah for the Queen collection. They have a beautiful array of makeup products to serve a broad spectrum of women of color. They have a line of bronzers that are awesome and I love the color Ebony. It works great as a bronzer, a blush and for contouring if you are not wanting to go for a harsh contour, but to warm up the face and bring back dimension. I also have several of the lipsticks from this line that all look great with my complexion from nudes to the deepest plum. Cover Girl has wide variety of products outside of this line that are great for all women, so definitely stop and take a look the next time you are out and about.

Some other lines that you may want to take a look at are Pixie, Pacifica, L.A Girl and Nyx Cosmetics. All of these lines have some great products that can definitely hold their own against some of the more expensive beauty brands.




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