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Picture Perfect Legs


As I am getting all of my bags packed for my upcoming holiday, selecting all of my must have beauty items is somewhat challenging as I want to bring them all! I am always writing about makeup and products that keep your face looking phenomenal, but what about the rest of our bodies? Most importantly our legs! Summer holidays are filled with shorts and tasteful skin revealing clothing where we want our legs to look flawless and glowy. I have two products that I have recently tried that are great for the summer especially if you are getting away. Now, my disclaimer with these two products is that they are not the remedy for chi chi (cellulite) on the legs. Only working out will cure that, but they will give you the look of smooth filtered photo ready skin, but only as good as the canvas on which it lays on.

The first product that I tried was the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This is an actual makeup for your legs that I have watched so many YouTubers rave about. It really does live up to all of the hype. It will make your legs look like you have on pantyhose in all the right ways. Any blemishes or over pronounced hair follicles will be minimized and smoothed out. It dries well and does not create a sticky residue. It is water resistant, so the beach is not out of the question with this product. When you are ready to take it off, it comes off very easily with soap and water and a wash cloth. It comes in four shades; light, medium, tan and deep, I wear the deep. This product can actually be used all year round any time that you have to wear your legs out for an ensemble. If you have any insecurities like dark knees or scars, give this product a try, I think that you will really enjoy the results.

The second product is not a makeup, but a self tanning product. What? Let me guess, black women do not need "tanning" products, am I right? Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun sunless tanning mousse is really good stuff. This product will give your skin more of a bronzed look which is always awesome for the summer months. It did not cover any of my scars, but gave a rich glow to my legs which I thought was nice. I used the shade Deep Bronze which is one of the two shades that are available, the other being Light Bronze. It claims to dry in 60 seconds, but I found that it was still a little sticky after the 60 seconds.The great thing about this product and the Sally Hansen product is that they can be used on your arms or any other body part the you desire to give a polished look.

If you have been using a product to give your body that sun kissed or perfect skin look, please share. I am always willing to try other products that allow us to put our best selves forward and give us that extra bit of confidence.



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