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Skincare Obsessed

As we embark on a new month, I can slowly see the summer drifting away in my rearview mirror. I have to say that I am not the least bit upset about it as Autumn is my favorite season. Warm colors, jackets, boots and scarves, the excitement is just too much to bare! The other reason that I love this upcoming season is because of the weather with the cooler temperatures. My skin can't wait for this humid sticky southern climate to dissipate. For those of us out there with oily skin, we loth the hot summer temps and what it does to our skin. We already produce oil like it is no ones business and we would rather that the elements not add insult to injury. With that being said, my newest obsession has to be skincare. As I get older and notice the changes in my skin with complexion and texture, I want to make sure that I am doing all that I can to keep it looking youthful, healthy and smooth. With the passion that I have for makeup and all things beauty, I want to make sure that my canvas looks the best that it can. I have realized that this means that for some products I have to be willing to dig a little deeper into my pockets than before. It does not make sense for me to spend high dollar on foundations and such and not be willing to do the same for the products that aid in keeping the surface for which the makeup will be set upon at its best. There are two particular skin care lines that I have recently tried after getting samples from a wonderful beauty advisor in SEPHORA. She was very generous with the samples that she gave and it allowed me to try some wonderful products that I am loving.

One of the samples that I tried was of the GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Face Mask and I really liked it. This product is a two in one, it starts as a mask that you leave on the skin for 5-20 minutes and then as you remove it with water, it becomes a scrub. I love a product that serves more than one purpose, especially if it comes with heavier price tag. After completing the sample, I was not quite at the point where I wanted to make the huge investment. What I decided to do was to try the travel set. This way I could get larger samples and try more of the line which was totally awesome. The travel kit came with the GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Face Mask, GLAMGLOW Very Gorgeous Super Mud Clearing Treatment, GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment, and the GLAMGLOW Bright Mud Eye Treatment. All of the products target different concerns with the skin and I am really enjoying them. I am still working my way through them, but if there were any that I don't think that I would purchase full sizes of, it would the eye treatment and the hydrating treatment. They are good, but not must haves for me. The clearing treatment and mud mask are more in line with the concerns that are targeted for my oily skin type.

The other sample that I had a strong affinity for was the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. This cleanser actually warms up in your hands as you rub them together before applying it to the skin and feels so great on the skin. Your skin feels almost squeaky clean, but it is not over drying, your skin feels well balanced. After falling in love with this sample, I was so happy that SEPHORA had a 500 point reward gift that was the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Magic kit. I mean, I did not even have to pay for this travel size kit, it was TOTALLY free!!! This kit came with Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Luminizing Black Mask, Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel, and the Pore Purifying Black Strips. I feel like this product line is fantastic for us in the oily skin club or with acne prone skin. These products reduce the size of pores and gets rid of the traces of makeup that are left after makeup removal. The only product in the set that I do not think that I would purchase in full size would be the black mask that is a peel off mask, it was more trouble than it was worth for my taste. The other items I would definitely at to my skin care process.

If you are in the market looking for some new products to add to your beauty routine, definitely check some of these products out. You do not need to go out and get all new products if you have a current system that works for you. Maybe you just need a new scrub or mask to update your routine. Whatever you do, make sure that you make skincare a priority long before you have to, remember when it comes to skin, time is not on our side.



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