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Baubles Baubles and More Baubles!

Everyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with jewelry. It is no secret that I have a love for the statement necklace and Kendra Scott jewelry, but I have expanded my obsession beyond just bold pieces. I enjoy the delicate bracelets, necklaces and rings as well. My Kendra Scott pieces are on the pricer side and are what I consider investment pieces, but they will last and are very classic in style. When it comes to the other items in my jewelry collection, I love to get the best bang for my bucks, but I do not want to compromise style or quality. This is not to say that I do not fall victim to occasionally spending way more than I should on some of my collection, but I love to take advantage of sales and great prices where and when I can. is a site that has totally taken over my online shopping life. I am one of those people that when getting ready for work or going out, I get most excited about my makeup and accessories. I feel that they are what makes everything work harmoniously together. What I love about BaubleBar is that they have a wide variety when it comes to fashion jewelry, so there is something for everyone. There are also different price points, so you can shop at the level that you feel most comfortable with. Now, this is not a cheap fashion jewelry site, so you will not see things for super low prices unless they are having a sale or one of their specials which I will get into later. They are always on the cusp of what is big in fashion and what is trendy which makes me as a shopper feel very confident in the pieces that I purchase. I am always getting compliments on my jewelry and 9 times out of 10, it was purchased from BaubleBar.

When you sign up for their emailing list, you receive emails daily on promotions, new collections and my favorite, THE BURIED BAUBLE of the week! They have the $10 buried bauble which can be a pair of earrings, a necklace, ring or bracelet that can be anywhere from $20 to $30 off its regular price. I have purchased many and the price allows me to get more than one! They also have the Platinum Buried Bauble that can come at a price point anywhere from $10 to $30. I take advantage of these buried treasures quite often and is part of the reason why I can't seem to stay off of the website. My pieces have not tarnished and are in great condition, they look just as they did the day they came in the mail.

The next time you have a special event or are just wanting to to treat yourself to some great jewelry, check out Shipping on all orders no matter the total is free!!! Not to mention that the packaging is something to be admired. It comes in a pretty pink lined box and is wrapped to perfection, also each item comes with its own storage bag to ensure that it stays looking its best. There is such great attention to detail and you cannot help by get excited every single time your little package arrives! If you do check out this site and order something, let me know as I would love to hear about your experiences!



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