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September Favorites

I cannot believe that September has come and is almost gone. I thought that I would get a jump start with my favorites for this month as I let last month get away from me. I have become acquainted with some really great brands in the area accessories this month while adding some key pieces to my wardrobe as we transition into my favorite season... Autumn. Keep reading to see my loves for this month.

Let us start with accessories that were major for me this month as per usual. From simple beautiful gold pieces to vibrant standout pieces, I had a lot of fun shopping and adding to my collection. I will start with a pair of earrings that had me stalking them on Instagram, I am being all the way serious! Jenny Bird is a brand that holds a special place in my heart because the owner and creator is a Canadian designer and her pieces are modern and absolutely beautiful! I love to support me fellow country men and women when I can. When I first saw the Edie Hoops I was instantly obsessed. They are so different and funky yet simple at the same time. Being one who rocks short hair, great earrings are always a must for me as there is such a huge showcasing space from my ears down. When I first wore them out, the compliments were non-stop. You just do not see pieces like this everyday, they definitely make a statement. Even though they were a part of her Summer 16 collection, I will me carrying on into the Fall and Winter seasons. My other earrings that are favorites for me are from my ride or die accessories brand Baublebar. The original Geode Drops that I saw on their website were turquoise and pink which were super cute, but at the time were not a must have for me. That all changed when I say Courtney Kerr on YouTube wearing them and at that point I just had to have them. I sadly learned that they were no longer available and the did not have any plans to bring them back. I then learned that Nordstrom who carries Baublebar had them in teal and I just had to scoop them up! I wore them on a night out with friends and they were quite the conversation piece. I plan to keep wearing them for months to come! Who does not love a great clutch? Clutches are no longer for just night life and it has been this way for some time now. I came across a very fun and unique looking clutch once again on Instagram and had to pay the site a visit. The Boho Tribal Feathered Tassel Clutch came in few different colors and I went with the blue. I thought that it would be great in the day time with jeans and t-shirt or for a night out on the town. Definitely check them out if you are an accessories lover like myself.

Now the beautyblender is bae for me when it comes to makeup application, but I am always open to trying other sponges and tools that get rave reviews. Jaclyn Hill has had a lot of great things to say about the Morphe Premium and Flawless Beauty Sponges. I feel that if it works for Jaclyn, it can for sure work for me. I have to admit that I have been presently surprised with how much I have been enjoying these sponges. They do not expand as much as the beautyblender does as they are much more dense in construction, but they still apply the makeup flawlessly. They do not absorb a lot of the foundation so you are not wasting product and it ends up where it should, on your face. The major plus with the Morphe sponges is definitely the price point. Coming in at a price of $6.99 a piece compared to $20.00 for the beautyblender, definitely a huge win there. Now, this does not mean that I am replacing my favorite sponge, it just means that I now have an alternative option as you can never have enough tools when it comes to makeup application. If you are in the market for a great sponge that will not break the bank, this one is worth a try.

I would love to hear what fashion or beauty items you loved in month of September. Feel free to send me a note on the blog or via Facebook! Now on to October!!



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