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End of Year Favorites Wrap Up

I cannot believe that another year has come and gone. It just feels like the year flew by, but you know what they say about time flying when you are having fun! This is not a best of 2016 wrap up as it is more about what I have been loving for the last few months of the year. As per usual, you will see a some things beauty, fashion and my love for accessories. So let’s go!

It is no secret that I have a slight adoration for the choker. As soon as I think that I am good with my collection, here comes BaubleBar with a new twist on a choker that I have to have. From the minimal velvet or leather strap choker to the blinged out jewel encrusted or bandanna inspired choker (Kenzie Paisley Choker), I love them all! My favorite way to wear them has been layering them. I love the mixing of metals or wearing a fabric paired with a metal (BaubleBar Luna Velvet Choker Set) . Chokers are a great way to breath life into your outfit whether going casual or out on the town. It is a way to make a statement without changing the essence of your style.

I am still all about a great statement jewelry piece, but I have also been enjoying minimal and clean lines with my accessories. Dainty necklaces, bracelets, studs and drop earring have been an essential part of my style over the last several months. Sometimes I want my jewelry to play a supporting role with my ensemble, but because they are so beautiful, they still steal the show. I was so enamored with my Jenny Bird large Edie Hoops that I had to go back and get the medium that has become quite the fan favorite whenever I wear them. I have also gifted them which is always met with a squeal of joy. I am also loving pieces from Ashley Bridget. I purchased a silver bar necklace and gold bracelet bearing the name Toronto which is the city that I from. There are several necklaces that I picked up from BaubleBar that are simple and beautiful which I love to layer as well like the Mini Letter Disc Pendant necklace with the Horizontal Dog Tag Pendant necklace. Definitely a look that will carry into 2017. The final accessory that I have been wearing more these days is a broach, but not in the traditional sense. I love placing them on a denim jacket or on the collar of a blouse. They are a great way to add a chic note to an otherwise under the radar look.

I have been very selective when it comes to the shoes that I have been adding to my wardrobe. I usually go through phases during the year where I buy two or three pairs at one time, but not so much during the last quarter of the year. I would pick up a pair here and there, but it had to really speak to me. Zara never lets me down when it comes to a shoe that it an attention getter and conversation piece. There were two pairs of shoes that I have been wearing non-stop and they are the Contrast Leather Mule and the Flat with Bow Detail. I cannot put these shoes on and not get stopped and asked where I got them or just complimented on how pretty they are. They can be dressed up or just worn with jeans and a tee which I love. The other purchase I made in the shoe category was a pair of studded boots from TJ Maxx which you know is just sheer luck sometimes. They give a little edge and rock star swag to your outfit which works for me.

My off the clock uniform has been very simple lately which pretty much consists of jean and a sweater or blouse of some sort. Nothing too fussy, just really a canvas for my shoes and accessories. The end of the year is packed with holidays and a lot of eating, so I find that the easy denim and top look allows me to look put together without being tight and accentuating the areas that are not where I want them to be. H&M packages have been constantly arriving as I love their free flowing blouses and shirts that have been main staples for me. I also added a few lightweight sweaters that fit great without adding that extra bulk that sweaters can sometimes do. Definitely check out the website, I think that you will be impressed.

In the land of beauty I did not go crazy with the purchases since I have been sticking with a lot of my favorites. There were however, a few additions to my collection that are now in my regular rotation. Just when I thought that I was good with my foundation lineup, here comes Urban Decay with their All Nighter Waterproof Long-wearing Foundation which is a dream for an oily skin girl like me. This foundation applies very well with a beauty sponge or makeup brush. I do set this with a power as I do all of my liquid foundations and finish it off with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray which locks everything in place. I will say that for us darker girls the color range could use some additions, but the shades are forgiving. I am still learning how to properly apply contour and highlight when putting on my full glam so, I have been checking out various products online. I finally picked up the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit in Deep and I love it. The product is rich and applies smoothly to the skin, blending is effortless. The colors that come in the kit are great and will work for a wide range of us girls with deeper complexions. I have finally joined the dark-side and by that I mean the land of dark lipstick. I have really been enjoying dark liquid lipsticks and my husband loves it! Dose of Colors and Anastasia Beverly Hills have some really great shades that seem to look good on all skin tones. I went with the ever so popular shades of Cork and Chocolate Wasted from Dose of Colors and Heathers from Anastasia Beverly Hills. All three shades have been fun to wear I am so happy that I stepped outside the box. In the area of fragrance, I have been loving Dolce & Gabbana-the one. I know, this scent is not new, but it was new to me and I really enjoy wearing it. I tend to get asked what I am wearing when in elevator at work with this parfum. If you are in the market for an oldie, but a goodie, do check this one out!

Last year was a lot of fun and had its challenges, but I feel like I really hit my stride as far as finding my personal style identity. I am definitely looking forward to the new year and seeing all of the new products and fashion items that it will bring. If you have any favorites from 2016 that you cannot live without, do share as I would love to hear! Happy New Year and Cheers to 2017!!!

xoxo Andréa

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